Bireaux (rin_asano) wrote,

:( / :)

There are so many things I miss about today, and memories I have that are making me sad and happy all at once. I think if I write about it, it will make me feel better. I miss painting and designing that red heart frame then making the drawing for it, I miss cooking heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes and trying to serve them quick before my heart shaped butter melted, I miss sewing those flowers to the polar bear's hand during my lunch break, I miss those kissing kitties, I miss making a new and cuter card each year, I miss puppies, I miss not the candy, but the way it was given to me and so much more. It hurts a lot right now, but I know with each year it will get easier. This is not a pity me post, it is a try to relieve some pain post. I need to write about how I am feeling more instead of keeping it all in.
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