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What is up with me

I am currently living way up in the mountains in New Mexico, and it is really beautiful here. When I left Florida it was getting hot already, but here it is super cold still, especially at night; in fact, the other day it snowed all day long. I am not quite used to the cold yet, but I love it!

I love Gilbert's family and they apparently love me too. Actually his mom said I could stay even if he moves away, which I think is funny as hell. :) I am having fun with his sisters and brother and they have been really nice to me. I taught his younger sister how to make powdered sugar in a coffee grinder when she was low on it and making a butter cream frosting, which everyone was impressed by, and I helped her with math homework, which she was grateful for. Sometimes I like feeling useful and I didn't realize I know so much about stuff in general. I am getting our trailer fixed up to make it even better, but it still needs some awesome curtains and crazy paintings put up.

I have discovered that out here I can get lots of cool thing to create with. His mom has a kiln and is letting me use some porcelain clay she has, which so far I have made a chillum shaped like a flower out of. I was liking carving pipes out of wood, but this is so cool I think I may make a few more. I also began stone sculpting the other night. I am really excited about this because it has been a thing I wanted to do for a long time. I am working in a relatively soft stone for now, but I plan to work my way up to hard stone like marble sometime soon. I have been told I can get it pretty cheap.

I have tools already because Gilbert's step father, Dave, is a silver smith and makes jewelery. He said he can teach me, so I may learn about that too. I like hanging out with him, he reminds me a lot of me personality wise, so of course I am gonna like him.

I really love his mother. I spend a lot of time just talking to her in the kitchen about whatever. The other day we were discussing art and literature. She writes college papers for a living (as well as sculpting), so she knows about a lot of things and I find talking with her to be really pleasing. We don't agree on everything which makes it fun to talk about. I think she is super great and now I have a third mom. I am collecting them like stamps! :)

I may do some landscape paintings of out here because it is really something to behold. No matter which way you look it is just amazing, especially the other day with all the snow on the trees and all.

I am having a great time living with Gilbert. He is really sweet to me and tries his best to make me happy, which he is succeeding in doing. We really get along so well. We talk a lot and share ideas for the projects we are working on and it is a lot of fun. We haven't fought over anything yet, but I am sure if we do it won't be anything major because we seem to be in the same place in life right now, and we talk about everything.

Some things I love about being with him include: I like when someone does things for me without expecting anything in return (not just sexually but in all aspects of life), and he does both of these quite often. I love talking with him till the early morning hours about whatever we want to talk about at that time. I love watching him cook me a meal and his doing the dishes while talking to me about some ideas he had that day. I love taking a relaxing bath with him with all kinds of candles burning and just enjoying life. I love our cozy little place and just sitting and listening to music in there while "chillin". I love watching old VHS tapes with him and having to take them out to tighten it up so it will play. I really love getting high and talking to him about what I am thinking and not feeling self conscious at all. I love going to bed with him each night and having him keep me warm and cozy, and them waking up in his arms. I am sure there is so much more, but I am just waking up for the day so I will have to list them later on. :)

I personally think I am the kind of person who could love living anywhere I go, but I will have to say this place is really awesome, and I am happy I decided to come stay here, and everyone is making me feel at home. The only down side to being here is how much I miss my friends and family in Florida. I know that in life changes cause you to be separated from people you love, but knowing it doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

All in all, I am happier than I had imagined I could be, and enjoying the hell out of life!
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