Bireaux (rin_asano) wrote,

A Dream I had :)

I have made up my mind that as soon as possible I am going to try and visit Italy or Spain. I would definitely like to go for the culture, but I also believe (because it happened in a dream) I will find some strong and sensitive man to take care of my "every" need. He will, of course, have long dark hair, a strong manly face, and drink a lot of wine. Maybe he will be a stone sculptor or work in a factory, doesn't matter to me. We will cook together and he will show me some of his mother's recipes from his childhood. We will spend many days going about the city, listening to music and caressing each other by the fire, and laying on the bed, I in his strong warm embrace. Then, when my days there are up, he won't let me leave and I will be too smitten to want to; in the end, I live the rest of my days in some beautiful country with an amazing handsome man who I will love forever and have two children (one boy one girl, naturally). The last thing I remember of the dream was my standing outdoors in a gauzy dress with the breeze blowing through it and the sheets I am hanging out. There were rolling hills and vineyards in the background, and I was singing. :)
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